Better than Saturday’s brunch, a morning of adrenaline fueled activities with Wire & Sky at The London Abseil can be far better for your health than a smashed avo on toast. You’ll literally feel on top of the world and here’s why:

1. Adrenaline Makes You Happy
As adrenaline courses through your blood, it provides higher levels of oxygen to each part of your body. This relaxes the smooth muscle in the lungs making breathing easier and floods the brain, heightening its focus and intensifying feelings in a process scientists call “excitation transfer process”, which enhances your enjoyment of experiences and makes you crave it again.

2. Adrenaline Charges Your Muscles
Countless legends tell of super-human strength in situations where individuals lift cars bare-handed to free trapped victims. In fact, research supports the theory that we can access such super powers in extreme need. Under stress, a burst of adrenaline silences the inner voice of reason that tell us “you’re not likely to be able to lift that” and we can surpass our ordinary boundaries. This effect can then last up to an hour after the event.

3. Adrenaline Kills Pain
Rule number one of the body? Stay alive! Which is why, whether your leg has been bitten off by a shark or you’ve taken a bullet to the chest, you are unlikely to really feel it in all its gory glory. Adrenaline floods the bloodstream alongside noradrenaline, running interference against your perception of pain to enable you to escape the situation and get help. However, once it wears off, it’s likely to smart rather a lot.

4. Adrenaline Boosts Immunity
In the short term, the brief release of the hormone that prepares the body for ensuing microbial attack, enhancing the body’s response to wounding and infection; a likely evolutionary adaptation to encounters with predators.

5. Adrenaline Slows Ageing
The body reacts to short spurts of adrenaline with a flood of anti-oxidants. These molecules neutralize free radicals, the atoms that aggravate inflammation and damage cells, and prevent the breakdown of DNA. This not only helps to preserve a youthful glow but lower the risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and cataracts.

So this weekend, swap your sofa for the skyline of London and give yourself a boost physically and mentally with one of our exhilarating experiences.

The London Abseil

The London Abseil