8th September 2017

Diary of a Climb Guide

Becoming a Guide at Up at the O2 What does it take to become a Climb Guide at Up at…

Becoming a Guide at Up at the O2

What does it take to become a Climb Guide at Up at the O2?  Our recent summer intake have been put through their paces and newbie, Gary tells us more about those first few weeks!

“Six of us had began training not too long ago. I was very nervous as I always am when starting a new role but i could tell from the outset that this particular job was going to be different. The management team were incredibly friendly and approachable and, given I’d never worked in an industry like this before, were open to any questions, no matter how stupid I thought it may have been at the time.

The rest of us newbies were also quite like minded to myself. I suppose you need to be a particular kind of person to do this job.

It does take a certain mind set to be a guide. Someone attentive, friendly but professional and someone committed to providing a quality service to a paying customer. It was now that I realised why the management team were the way they were and why all us new staff were welcomed so kindly into the fray by the existing team. Everyone was so friendly and understanding and helped us to reach our potential by taking us under their wing and looking out for us.

We had to complete a number of shadowed and mentored climbs before we could pass our assessments and this experience was fantastic. Not only were we learning how the climbs were ran but the content too. It was great to be able to pick and choose my own little quirks that each individual had, to create their own experience… providing the core components were there, of course.

I was very nervous of the assessments. Everyone said I was being a little anxious and had nothing to worry about and, looking back, they were absolutely right. All the content from the previous two weeks had been delivered so well that I truly had nothing to worry about, but you still can’t help but worry, can you?

The busiest first day ever!

So, my first day as a Climb Guide…of course was a Saturday! This was honestly, the most nerve wracked I had felt for the past few weeks. The responsibility dawned on me but I reflected on my training and as soon as I started, I knew everything would be ok.  It was also amazing to see how everyone rallied together to ensure everyone had a great time, especially on a busy Saturday.  It really was all hands on deck but everyone should have been really proud of how they helped and supported each other… This really is the kind of place I want to work!

Since commencing work for Wire and Sky, I’ve worked at both the Up at the O2 and the ArcelorMittal Orbit Abseil experience, building up a skill set that I hope will help me to forge a career with a company that I could genuinely work for, for the rest of my life.

I’ve worked with VIP’s and taken BROS over the roof. I’ve even helped a camera crew film Up At The O2’s new promotional material and I’ve worked with and met some fantastic people. Every day I get to meet new people from all walks of life, all whilst over looking the city.  My office really isn’t that bad!

I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a job more.”

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