6th November 2019

Different Strokes for Dancing on Ice Star

Why this skating sensation is raising money for stroke sufferers.

As the 2020 series of Dancing on Ice welcomes back Alex Murphy to the professional line-up, this Summer the professional skater took the plunge with Wire & Sky for a cause very close to her heart.

This is Alex’s second abseil raising money for the charity Different Strokes, as six years ago, aged just 24, Alex suffered a stroke whilst performing on a cruise ship.

Key hole surgery was required to repair a hole in her heart but whilst Alex was physically healed it has taken her several years to comes to terms with and talk about her ordeal.

Alex believes that her recovery would have been made easier had she been able to connect with somebody who understood her experience. Her involvement with Different Strokes has not only provided her with the opportunity to talk about her own difficulties of a stroke but has also enabled her to help other survivors access the support they need.

Here she is talking about her experience:

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