24th July 2017

Swing From The Rooftops – Europe’s highest swing

Journey to the swing This week our Abseil Coordinator, Natasha, and Station Tours Manager, Ross, went all the way to…

Journey to the swing

This week our Abseil Coordinator, Natasha, and Station Tours Manager, Ross, went all the way to Amsterdam to experience another Urban Aerial Adventure, Europe’s highest swing from the beautiful roof deck at the A’DAM Lookout Tower.  Here is Natasha’s report:

Across the bumpy waters from Amsterdam Central Station, the Tower is situated just a short ferry ride away.  The Tower offers amazing 360 degree views across Amsterdam and beyond, so travellers can soak in the architecture and tranquility of the city.

Upon arrival, customers queue first to model for their green screen photo.  Customers can balance and pose on a “steel beam” similar to that made famous by the New York construction workers having lunch, with the Amsterdam skyline behind them.

Green Screen Shot

Of course, we didn’t just sit there like everyone else before us, we pretended Ross was holding me as I fell off the edge! (Can you tell that Ross and Natasha both have a Drama Degree?!)

Brave participants then make their way to the panorama sky bar and restaurant, where interactive screens explain the history of the skyline over the past few decades.  The only way to get there?!  The high-speed elevator which takes you 20 floors in 22 seconds, whilst surrounding you with a trippy neon light show, of course!

From here it is a short flight of stairs to the main roof deck and the view is truly breath-taking.  With large bean bags and telescopes scattered around, the Tower does encourage the brave to stay and relax up top.

Ready to swing Over The Edge?

The ultimate thrill is of course…’Over The Edge’, Europe’s highest swing looming tall at 100 metres high, over the lip of the main sky deck.  Standing in the queue and watching everyone before you helps keep the adrenaline pumping.  It is also pretty comical hearing various people scream!

Participants are strapped in, then they are lifted up toward the clouds… and towards the edge.

Ross’s verdict was unsurprisingly calm and collected, “Once we were safely strapped in, you realised you are about to be tipped over the edge…which seemed completely unnatural.  However, you immediately felt calm as the crowds behind you seemed to slip away and a sense of isolation surrounded you.” (He’s used to working at height and on rooftops!)

Is this the next big adventure London is looking for? Wire & Sky are up for the challenge!

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