Design, Installation and Operation

Design Consultiation

Developing unique customer experiences

Design Consultiation

Wire & Sky has experience of working with a wide variety of technologies that introduce a sense of adventure to the rooftop experience. Here are some of our favourites:

Aerial Walkways

Allow customers to enjoy the thrill of being up high with a low rate of refusals.

Zip Wires

An exhilarating experience with a high throughput of customers.

Zip Tours

An extraordinary and original way to conduct tours of venues.

Rapid Descents

Abseils & Fan Descenders allow customers to descend from buildings in a memorable, exhilarating fashion.

We will work with your team to produce an inspiring, original plan for your Urban Aerial Adventure. We will strive to ensure that your attraction is fun, safe and profitable.

In particular, we will help you with:

Design Creation, Architectural Plans, CAD Drawings, Equipment Selection and Operational Modelling to ensure efficiency


Zip Wires, Walkways, Abseils, Rapid Descents. Wire & Sky can project manage and build Urban Aerial Adventures that fit your requirements.



Wire & Sky can install a complete Urban Aerial Adventure. Working with our partner riggers, IRATA professionals and engineering consultants we will write RAMS and work at height, installing your Urban Aerial Adventure to the required specifications.


Wire & Sky holds specialist insurance with which we are able to design, build and operate Urban Aerial Adventures. We hold this insurance because we are appropriately qualified and experienced.

This means that we can enable you to:

  • Obtain a public licence to operate
  • Apply the relevant safety legislation
  • Adhere to the highest safety standards
  • Satisfy due diligence checks


We will conduct full safety testing of all elements of your Urban Aerial Adventure, prior to opening to the public.

Structural Calculations

We use an international, renowned structural engineering firm for all structural calculations in order to ensure all adventure elements are as safe and robust as possible. They are always happy to liaise with your structural engineers & architects.

Safety Documentation

Over the course of the installation, Wire & Sky will produce the relevant documentation required to operate the attraction. This will include: Operations Manual, SOPs, EOPs, Risk Assessments & full operational evaluation.


Unparallled experience in urban adventuring, Create tuly memorable experiences.


Launching Your Rooftop Adventure

Safety Procedures, Ticketing, Merchandising, PR, the Customer Experience.

We will work with you to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running.

We will work to the following key operation principles:

  • Safety
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Commercial Viability
  • Customer Accessibility

This will ensure that customers are satisfied from day One.

The Process

Here is an outline of how Wire & Sky might deliver your Urban Aerial Adventure Attraction.

Operation Process


The Customer Is King

Wire & Sky are experienced in developing nationally-renowned visitor attractions. We will ensure that your Adventure receives the very best customer feedback, thus promoting further ticket sales & merchandising opportunities.

Staff training is key in guaranteeing an unparalleled customer experience. Wire & Sky focus training for operational staff in the following areas:

  • Delivering the Tour / Experience
  • Admissions procedures
  • Health & Safety constraints
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • First Aid (in difficult and hard to reach areas)
  • Emergencies & Evacuations

Safety – Our Cornerstone

Wire & Sky can create all of your safety procedures ready for the launch of your Rooftop Adventure. These can include:

  • Operations Manual
  • Risk Assessments
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Operating Procedures
  • Bespoke events (PR, Media etc)