10th September 2020

Meet Rossi; Team Leader at The Dare Skywalk

Rossi is part of the new team at The Dare Skywalk but has previously worked at Up at the O2 as a Climb Guide too

Hi, I’m Rossi, I’m the blonde guy that looks like they should be in Newquay. I’ve been enjoying the last three years working with Wire and Sky.

It is such an enjoyable environment and uplifting team and we just bounce off one another day to day in the down to earth nature of the job. We end up with different situations while climbing on the roof, from awkward Tinder first dates to people proposing and the occasional wink from climbers towards the guides.

One of the more thrilling experiences we provide is throwing people out of the 160m high pod in Brighton (attached with ropes, obviously), especially when they show up in costumes such as a fruit salads.

I take on every day like it’s my first and have gained extra muscle on my legs, even though I miss leg day every day!

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